Why Acapulco

Acapulco will always be Acapulco. That´s because this lovely legendary port- once a favorite spot for pirates eager to plunder the fine merchandise brought from China aboard a ship known as the Nao, has everything you could want for the best vacation ever, a perfect climate all year around; beautiful views where you can see the two bays, the two lagoons, beautiful green mountains and the incomparable sunset at Pie de la Cuesta, compete for your attention in shades of pink, red and gold.

Plus almost ten kilometers (6.2 miles) of warm-water beaches where you can enjoy your favorite water sports. It also has one of the best hotel infrastructures in the world: restaurants and amusement parks; shops and boutiques; an endless amount of nightlife, plus the most advanced technology for holding all kinds of events, whether artistic or trade and business-related.

Acapulco Travel Directory

The queen of Mexican beach resorts is ever-popular with year-round, foreign and domestic visitors.

As the birthplace of the Mexican visitor industry, it is world renowned for several firsts.

We can thank Acapulco for introducing global vacation institutions such as parasailing, the swim-up pool bar, rooms with private swimming pools, tequila poppers and hotels shaped like pyramids.

Don’t miss the dazzling beaches fronting the luxury hotels, the primitive out-of-the- way beach at Barra Vieja, and the fabulous sunsets at Pie de la Cuesta beach. Waterski at either the Coyuca or Tres Palos freshwater lagoons, where the water is as smooth as a mirror, and thrill to the world-famous cliff divers at La Quebrada. San Diego Fort and Museum and the fabulous discos at night are among some of the best places to visit.


Most large hotels have venues of all sizes, appropriate for conferences, congresses and banquets. If the event is a very large one, Acapulco´s International Convention Center is your choice.

Top 10 reasons to visit Acapulco

1. Climate

Acapulco is blessed with plentiful sunshine and beautiful weather; but it can be hot-and-humid much of the year, more so during the summer rainy season. Year-round temperatures are consistent and reliable, averaging between high-80s to low-90s during the day and low-to-mid 70s overnight.

2. The hotels

To make you feel at home - or even better - there are dozens of hotels to choose from, according to your preferences and needs. On the Costera Miguel Aleman, which runs alongside the ocean, tall buildings are predominant. Besides offerings immediate access to the beach, they provide a panoramic view of the bay.

3. Beaches

No doubt the magic of Acapulco begins with its beaches, which are ideal for water sports: skiing, windsurfing, jet skis, sailing and the ever-popular parachute rides. From East to West, take a ride along the bay and its environs.

4. Kids

Mexico's most famous seaport resort is also for kids. Besides the countless beach activities and games, a special world of entertainment has been designed for them : Cici is the most-visited aquatic park here.

5. Outdoor attractions

If you prefer your activities on firm ground, the city has five excellent golf courses and over 50 tennis courts It is also worthwhile to plan a visit to nearby places such as "Barra Vieja", the "Coyuca Lagoon", and "Pie de la Cuesta" which is famous for its sunsets. One of the top tourist spots is of course "La Quebrada".

6. Nightlife

If it's filled with activity by day, by night Acapulco is just as restless. Nightlife always begins around midnight, when the city's main streets which have been lit up for hours by the marquees- begin to fill up with people set on having a good time.

7. Culture & History

Acapulco has a number of attractions relating to the port's history, culture and traditions. One of these is the Fort of San Diego, built in 1615 to defend the city from pirates; today it houses a history museum. The Cathedral, which is dedicated to Our Lady of Solitude, has a Moorish-style dome and Byzantine towers.

8. Incomparable sunsets

Sunset in Acapulco, or puesta del sol as the locals say, is truly awesome, humbling, and inspiring - all at the same time. No two are ever the same, yet each is as beautiful as the next. Whether the skies are clear or overcast makes little difference, as every sunset - no matter the season - is a beautiful splash of warm colors.

9. Business & Meetings

No matter how large or small your convention or meeting is, or how important, Acapulco has everything to serve you royally, Most large hotels have luxurious venues of all different sizes, appropriate for conferences, congress, banquets and even cultural events.

10. Airline Connections

México's very first beach resort is pretty easy to get to in less than 4 hours. Most of the mayor airlines offer direct flights from Phoenix, Sacramento, Houston and Dallas. The rest connects in Mexico City for another half an hour flight.