Why Veracruz

Located in the Gulf of Mexico, in the Atlantic Ocean between the coasts of Mexico, the United States and Cuba, the City of Veracruz is the most important commercial seaport of Mexico; Veracruz is an easy-going, friendly and bustling port-city. Locals are known as jarochos, and they have a reputation for partying.

Its leisure fame stems from African-and Caribbean-influenced music, lively dancing and an annual Carnival that according to some, rivals Rio and New Orleans.


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“The state of Veracruz, witness to the birth of the mother of all Mesoamerican cultures, the Olmec, is characterized by its people’s happy and hospitable disposition.”

It boasts a vast 800-kilometer long coastline and beautiful natural landscapes: forests, plains, jungles and mountain ranges.

The pre-Hispanic legacy of the Totonac Indians is prominent at the El Tajin archaeological site. The colonization left its mark on the Baluarte Santiago, the Cathedral of Jalapa and the Shrine of the Virgin of Carmen.

Its cuisine, mainly fish and seafood, is highly recommended. In Papantla, “los voladores” (fyers) carry out their unique ritual; in the port city’s Plaza de Armas, the “danzón” is danced; and during Carnival the real vitality and enthusiasm of Veracruz comes alive in colorful action along the boardwalk.

Top 10 reasons to visit Veracruz

1. Exceptional Weather

As a city on Mexico's Gulf Coast The Veracruz-Boca del Rio area enjoy a mostly hot, sultry and humid climate with an average annual temperature of 25 º C (77 F). In May and June it’s especially hot. Humidity drops a little further inland. The rainy season is April thru November.

2. Historic and Scenic

With its neoclassic architecture Veracruz reminds one of the city's splendid history. Zocalo, Cathedral and historic post and telegraph buildings are only some of its attractions. Numerous museums have the port's most representative elements on display. To mention a few: The Santiago Bastion, San Juan de Ulua Fort.

3. Nature & Ecotourism

The states geographic location and its unique climate make it the ideal destination for ecotourism outings, as they allow the visitor to enjoy spectacular natural scenery and discover and observe all kinds of regional plant and animal species. "Los Tuxtlas" biosphere reserve is one of the most important natural habitats in the country.

4. Witnesses of the Past

The state of Veracruz features like many regions throughout Mexico different amazing archeological sites, remains of long lost civilizations. The most famous one is eventually the UNESCO World Heritage Site "El Tajin". Further north you find the Totonac ruins of Cempoala, ancients buildings made of river stones and the city of Quiahuiztlan.

5. Fisherman's Heaven

Thanks to its abundant marine life, Veracruz is the ideal place for catching a wide variety of species, including bonefish, tuna, yellowtail, snapper, corbina, barracuda, dogfish, bass, wahoo and shark. On the other side, Anton Lizardo, a beautiful beach with fine sand and calm waters, is ideal for hooking spotted cabrilla, lane snapper.

6. Colonial Jewels

Xalapa, the state capital, consists of cobblestone streets full of music, color and folklore. Tlacotalpan at the Papaloapan River has a scenic Historic Center full of beautiful houses with red tile roofs and splendid arches, which was declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.

7. Adventurer's Dreamland

Jalcomulco, a town and region northwest of Veracruz and Actopan, district situated 40 miles to the north of the seaport, are known for their lush rainforest hills and canyons that are ideal for rappel, canopy, hiking and gotcha. The Jalcomulco River itself features spectacular rapids for rafting.

8. Traditions

Danzon, At the city's plazas, couples dance to the rhythm of danzon, an experience that take you back to another era. During February and March the third largest Mardigras celebration in the world behind Rio de Janeiro and New Orleans draws young and old alike into the fever of Carnival.

9. Exquisite Gastronomy

Veracruz's cuisine is a unique blend of pre-Hispanic ingredients and recipes brought over by the Spaniards. Delicious seafood predominates in local specialties: pescado a la veracruzana (red snapper simmered in tomatoes, onions, garlic, green olives and capers), seafood stew, arroz a la tumbada (Veracruz-style rice), shrimp turnovers.

10. Underwater Paradise

The states coastline has a formation of reefs made up of a group of islets and 17 coral reefs. Covering an area of just over 129,027 acres which stretches along Veracruz, Boca del Rio and Alvarado to Punta until Anton Lizardo, this region is a most popular spot for diving.