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Xcaret was, for more than a millennium, a ceremonial and port center for the Mayans known as "POLE". It is believed that the Mayans would come here to purify their souls and bodies prior to crossing to Cozumel to worship IXCHEL goddess of Fertility or before leaving on a trading trip.

Today Xcaret is an extraordinary eco-archeological park ideal for exploration, relaxation and enjoyment. Go back in time many centuries evoking and enjoying a mystic Mayan swim, an unbelievable experience floating thirty minutes inside the underground river and stroll around to enjoy more than 30 attractions among others: The wild bird breeding aviary, the coral reef aquarium, a butterfly pavilion, or explore the archaeological site fringed by exuberant flora, animals and birds of the region or perhaps just relax on the beautiful beach.

And when the sun sets, twilight arrives and transforms the surroundings. Jungle, adventure and water turn into mysticism, tradition, legend and history. Xcaret dresses all up... Preparing for Xcaret at night. Xcaret at night is an adventure for all your senses. The sights and sounds of a grand festival set in Mexico's golden years, the splendor of Mayan Kings, the drama of the ball game and the ball of fire and an unforgettable performance of Mexico's regional music and dance.

Location: Approximately 1 hour from Cancun and 5 min from Playa del Carmen.

Operating hours: It is open from 8:30 AM to 10 PM every day of the week.


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