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Galeon Buccaneers


Prepare ye for a journey back in time – to the "days of yore", where an unforgettable adventure awaits ye. Enter an authentic pirate village, where Captain Jack Black and his crew be signing on new recruits to join their pirate band. There be tests of skill and demonstrations of what it takes to be a true pirate: strength, wit, cold-bloodlessness… and above-all, loyalty. Be warned! Amidst the festivities and boarding preparations, tempers can flare – and ye may bear witness to a piratical confrontation…or two.
Aboard the vessel, the real journey commences. Our Impressive Galleon is full of legend and beauty. The crew and the ship are one – and new recruits must quickly adapt and learn the "The Code" - if they wish to survive on this hulk. Buccaneers are prepared for any occasion, and the truth is, such events can happen at any moment. Night sailing on the eerie waters off Hispaniola is full of danger. Sea creatures, treacherous reefs and brazen cutthroats can appear at the most inopportune moment.
Even a safe arrival at a pirate hideout has surprises, as rogue bandits loot and plunder the booty hidden here. Fortunately, our pirate band is fierce & ready to defeat and repel any such fools, quickly sending them scurrying away. We celebrate the well-earned victory with a spectacular feast - and of course, a pirate toast with Rum!
Upon returning to the vessel, the rogue scallywags return – this time "armed to the teeth". Get ready for an epic pirate battle, where the best swashbucklers in the Caribbean face off. The final melee runs amuck, all over the entire vessel – as the crew uses every resource they have to not be defeated. The evening continues complete with action, adventure - and a few unexpected surprises. As the voyage comes to a close, we celebrate with the "victors" until we make land again & finally return to our respective safe havens back on Terra Firma.
But remember - once you have taken the pirate oath…Ye will always be a Pirate


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