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Taino Secrets


Transport yourself back in time and meet our Taino Community!
This half day tour will transport you more than five centuries into the past, to a Taino community.
Meet Cayacoa the legendary Taino leader and his tribe, who fiercely defended their territory during the Spanish invasion.
Learn about the Taino culture, their social structure and their way of living through an interactive tour, divided in three educational activities.
In the first part, you will visit a network of caves once used by the natives, who inhabited the area. You will learn about their rituals, their customs and their traditions.
Then the eco-trail will lead you to a reproduction of an ancient Taino village called Yucayeque.
Professional guides will provide you with comprehensive information about the history, society and lifestyle of these peaceful people who once populated the entire island. You will have the chance to taste different food and beverages organically grown on the property and prepared by the locals, like casabe, honey, sweet potatoes, hot chocolate, herbal tea and the famous Dominican coffee. You will also be invited to participate in traditional activities and rituals with the tribe. Finally, the trail will take you to the medicinal garden where you will learn everything about plants used by Tainos to cure diseases and heal wounds. Those ancient remedies are still commonly used by locals! The Taino Secrets will be revealed to you and your family during the most educational and memorable experience of your vacation.


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