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Environmental Farms Day of Shells


Geographical location: New Progress Resume, Highway Madden. Resume judges of the province of Panama. Buffer area Chagres National Park, 500 meters before the dam.

The farm is called Sustainable Agroforestry Finca Las Conchas because within the premises of the farm has a tributary of living water, where the bottom is inlaid with shells slabs. The House Committee Agroforestry Las Conchas is 13 years after its creation, began with 64 members and currently consists of 26 active members of whom 7 are women and 19 are men. They have legal status granted by the Ministry of Agricultural Development (MIDA).

The property consists of 45.39 hectares, has areas dedicated to agricultural production. Their main crops are tubers (cassava, yams), grains (corn, beans), bananas and forest plantations (fruit trees and bamboo). It has springs of living water, nature trails which connect with all areas of production. The development of productive activities and agritourism of Sustainable Agroforestry Farm "Las Conchas" located in the Chagres National Park buffer requires the application of a strategy aimed at increasing competitiveness in harmony with the environment, without compromising the social function of land use through the active participation of the target group of the Sustainable Farm Project.

The environmental day consists of cleaning the polygon and planting seedlings of fruit trees such as mangoes, citrus, cashew, guanábas, among others. Like making signs for marking trails and recreational areas of the site.

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