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Why Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena is a port city on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, it is also called the pearl of the Caribbean, the same one that resisted attacks from everyone who wanted it for themselves, with the rigidity of its San Felipe's Castle  and the courage of its inhabitants, It is solemnly called "La Heroica" and has been the birthplace of personalities that have made the Caribbean character an example for Colombia and the world.

Currently "the walled city" is the fifth largest city in terms of population in Colombia and contributes significantly to the national economy, given its status as an important port on the Atlantic Ocean. With a weather that fluctuates warm to hot  all year round, it is home and a meeting place for visitors of all nationalities.

This fantastic destination keeps the secrets of history in its walled city, on its balconies and on its narrow stone paths that inspired Gabriel García Márquez, winner of the 1982 Nobel Prize in Literature.

Cartagena is not only history, it is also the scene of a vibrant present, which is manifested in important world-class events, which position the Cartagena of today before the world.


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10 Reasons to Visit Cartagena

1) Biodiversity in fauna and flora

Its natural wealth attracts more and more tourists from different parts of the world, who visit the city and fall in love with it thanks to many adventures they can enjoy. The offer is so great and its themes so varied that, even today, there is the possibility of finding places where you can breathe peace and we can relax in the most beautiful landscapes with the tranquility produced by the sounds of nature. 

2) Gastronomical VARIETY

Cartagena honoring its magical aura, best warm weather and the richness of flavors and colors of the Caribbean land, in the historic center, precisely in the Candies Portal, you can try regional Cartagena sweets made with coconut, pineapple. Papaya, grapefruit. You will find "egg arepa", "bean or corn fritters", "empanadas", "sancocho", "yuca with serum", "butifarra" Seafood and fish are obviously excellent, some of them are pargo, bocachico, the sierra, crab legs, shrimp, squid, with patacón and coconut rice.

3) People

Cartagena is known a the Fantastic due people's joy, the beauty of its beaches and the magic of the walled city. Cheerful, vigorous, creative and diverse. The characteristics of its inhabitants make the heroic a magical city.

4) Night Life

The nightlife in Cartagena is really fascinating because mixes party, romance, gastronomy, beaches and much more. One of the best areas to go out partying is Getsemaní neighborhood, the main attraction is Santísima Trinidad square, where groups gather to drink some craft beer, listen to live music, share with urban artists and try regional food.  Another  perfect location  is the Santo Domingo's square, where you will find several places to have a delicious glass of wine or a refreshing beer. You can also visit the viewpoint of the wall, next to  Santo Domingo's  square and enjoy a beautiful landscape and a fascinating atmosphere.

5) Beaches

In these paradise places you can unplugged from the routine and recharge, we recommend 5 beaches:  Linda beach, a place surrounded by clear sand with blue-green water.  Cholón Island, where you can go by boat to enjoy a delicious lunch, Tintipan Island, located 50 kilometers from Cartagena, belongs to the Rosario Corals National Natural Park The most popular are the Barú, island, Tierrabomba Island and the Rosario Islands. All of them  offer attractive beaches and great areas for diving or snorkeling. Boat excursions depart daily to these virgin places surrounded by the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea.

6) Art

More than 470 years full of magic, myths and legends, this port city is ideal to walk and enjoy its picturesque streets and architecture, in addition to its many museums, among which the Gold Museum stands out, with its marvelous and expensive pieces of the Zenú culture, and the Fortifications Museums, with pieces of the fortified monuments of Cartagena. In the old Jesuit cloister is this amazing San Pedro Claver museum where you can admire colonial religious art, sculpture and painting of the Afro-Caribbean culture and pre-Colombian archaeological objects.

7) Festivals

Cartagena is the epicenter of many cultural events , very famous for visitors from all over Colombia and around the world who visit Cartagena to enjoy its festivities and celebrations. Among them is the Music Festival in January, International Film and Television Festival, in March. Festival of performing arts, music bands and the National  beauty pageant

8) Architecture

The “walled city” or the “stone corralito”, as Cartagena is affectionately known, has 13 kilometers of walls, as well as colonial squares and attractive cobbled streets. Some of the monuments, buildings and historical sites that you should visit are: The clock door, symbol of the city; Aduana's square , the Coches square and San Pedro Clavers square. The Inquisition palace, as well as the churches and convents of San Pedro Claver, Santa Catalina de Alejandría, Santo Toribio, Santo Domingo and San Agustín, all built between the 16th and 17th centuries with the beautiful architecture of the time, are a  mandatory visit during your stay in Cartagena.

9) Weather

Known as the city of eternal summer because its average annual temperature is 29 ° C,  ideal for a beach vacation, as the warm waters of the Caribbean surround the 19 kilometers of golden sand beaches in the Peninsula area. from Bocagrande, where the famous “palenqueras” will surely cross your path, black women dressed in bright colors, selling traditional  sweets  and fresh fruits.

10) Music

Champeta, Vallenato, Salsa, Mapalé, among other musical genres, set the Caribbean in Cartagena, a city of contrasts and great cultural diversity. With its atmosphere full of joy, it welcomes thousands of tourists, who cannot resist its music, dances and celebrations. The fascinating mix of different cultures  have made Cartagena the source of the champeta and bambuco, Colombia's most enriching musical genres..