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Why Medellin, Colombia

Medellín is known by several names, “Bella Villa”, “The capital of flowers”, for the abundance of its flowers, and because of how clean it is. It has been consolidated as a favorable scenario for tourism, the growing hotel offer has added improvement in the transformation of the city, which has been echoed in the progressive growth of inbound tourism.

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10 Reasons to Visit Medellin

1) Biodiversity in fauna and flora

The flora of Medellín includes more than 196 families and 1106 genera of plants, being numerous orchids with 235 species, legumes with 172, asteraceae or composites with 170  species and pastures with 107 species . Medellín is incredibly bio diverse, 77 species have been recorded endemic to Medellín, Antioquia Colombia

2) Gastronomic VARIETY

Famous regional foods such as buñuelo, mazamorra, tripe, sancocho and the inevitable paisa dish are some of the most common dishes in the city, it has beans, pork, white rice, pork rinds, ground meat, fried egg, Antioqueña arepa, avocado and blood sausage and in some parts they add chorizo.

3) People

The paisa's have a peculiar characteristic  because of their kindness, they are always willing to help foreign people, they are hardworking people and above all highly special, good salesmen, it is a spectacular culture. The peasant humor of the inhabitants of Medellín, which is reflected in the antioquenian  trovas (verses songs), the regional dances and in general  the Paisa culture, is mixed with the modern life of the metropolis.

4) Nightlife and Shopping

This city is characterized by fashion and good fashion taste. Shopping centers, chain stores, boutiques and outlets are inexpensive and always have the latest collections from national and international designers. In Medellín "the night has life", it is one of the most “partying" cities in the country with a variety of  night life areas, full of bars and nightclubs, the most popular are: the pink area of ​​Lleras Park, Las Palmas, Colombia neighborhood, the 33 and the pink zone of the 70.

5) The nearby towns

If you want to leave the city, you can do it and in a very short time, the Paisa capital is surrounded by beautiful mountains and nearby towns, such as the district of Santa Elena, Guatape, San Jerónimo, Santa fe de Antioquia, San Felíx and many more. 

6) Transportation

Medellín have one of the best transportation infrastructure in Latin America, there are Metro, Metrocable and buses articulated with the Metro system, which are clean, safe and very economical, in them you can take a tour throughout the city or if you prefer you can see it from the air in the Metrocable.

7) Festivals

Medellín is the scene of first-rate events, such as Colombia fashion,  Flowers fair, International Tango Festival, International Jazz Festival, Humor Festival, Dance Parade, Myths and Legends, Fair and International Horse Show.

8) Architecture

Medellín is considered a modern city with a great history, this can be found in some old buildings considered cultural heritage, the little town Paisa is one of them. You can also appreciate history through the modern in different museums of the city

9) Weather

Medellín has one of the best weather in the world, many people who visit it daily say so, that is why it is known as "the city of eternal spring" its temperature always stays between 20ºC to 27ºC.

10) Music

Medellin is an innovative city, it has rhythms and dances such as the pasillo, the carrilera music and the Paisa trova. Every year the Rey de Reyes de la trova festival is held in Medellín, a Regional event that attracts a large local and international visitors; is organized by the Colombian Troubadour Association.