Costa Rica Destination Guide

Why Costa Rica

Because paradise is irresistible! Costa Rica perfectly blends beauty, nature, diversity, adventure, and savoir de vivre; no other destination can provide all these factors in the right proportions like Costa Rica does, thanks to its very unique geographic, historical, and political characteristics.

Destinations in Costa Rica

10 Reasons to Visit Costa Rica

1) Volcanoes

The volcanoes in Costa Rica abound, they are scenic, spectacular and some of them unique. There are several volcanoes within the country and the extinct ones are easily accessible since they are tourist attractions.

Some of them have beautiful turquoise color lagoons that have formed in the craters at the top of such volcanoes. One of the more famous active volcanoes is Arenal, with its perfect cone and symmetry, where visitors can safely watch the eruptions from a nearby facility that has outdoor hot springs naturally heated by the mountain.

2) Tropical Forests

In addition to the coastal beaches, there are dense jungles and rain forests with a wide variety of fauna. Some of these forests are referred to as cloud forests because of the moisture of the mists that linger among the trees in some parts.

There are also dry forests as well as colder barren volcanic tundras. Rain forests and animals of the rain forest are one of the big attractions of Costa Rica. These tropical forests of Costa Rica are great for bird watching, and show a very diverse flora and fauna. Each region has slightly different plant life and animals populating the forests.

3) Ecological National Parks

Costa Rica boasts one of the largest percentages of its territory dedicated to conservation purposes compared with any other country in the world, mostly natural reserves but quite a large number of national parks. Most of the parks feature well designed trails, camping, and plenty of ranger stations. Costa Rica is the pioneer in strategic ecotourism. Thus, there are many exciting destinations in the country where nature can best be appreciated.

Tourists can visit any one of the country's national parks: Chirripo National Park, Manuel Antonio National Park, Cahuita National Park, Corcovado National Park and Tapanti National Park. Other environmental tourist spots are the Monteverde and Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserves and the Pacuare River and Protected Zone.

4) Golf Courses

Golf has become an important source of foreign currency, employment and hotel occupancy for Costa Rica, which in 2008 was welcoming 34,000 tourists a year who come here exclusively to play golf. Golf tourism is generating approximately $87.6 million annually in food, lodging and recreation expenses, in addition to sales of sporting equipment.

Most golfers who come to Costa Rica are individuals of high purchasing power who take advantage of playing the game to do business with colleagues and new clients.

5) Resorts

Costa Rica offers terrific beach resorts, watersports, diving and snorkeling, combined with jungle exploration and eco-adventures. Relatively short flight from mainland U.S., combined with great value for the dollar at many resorts makes Costa Rica very hot for honeymooners.

The luxury resorts of Guanacaste, or the “golden coast” as the northern Pacific part of Costa Rica is also known, are highly esteemed by connoisseurs in the travel business worldwide.

6) Accessibility

Costa Rica’s temptation as a tropical getaway is enhanced by its proximity to the United States. Jet-setting is synonymous with the celebrity lifestyle and accessibility is crucial to trip feasibility for travelers with a packed schedule.

Direct flights to Costa Rica are shorter and less expensive than flying across the continental United States, allowing one to board an international flight in the morning and hit the beach by noon.

7) Fishing

Fishing in Costa Rica is also a popular water sport. With a vast resource of fish in its huge stretches of lakes, seas and ocean. Be it deep sea fishing or fresh water fishing, Costa Rica has it all. There is a wide variety of fish that are available, like the sailfish, wahoo, billfish, roosterfish, marlin, dolphins, tuna, cubera, snapper, blue runners, snook and various other unusual fish. One can fish in various places with a lot of success.

The primary center for fishing is the stretch between Gulf of Papagayo Flamingo Beach and Cabo Blanco that has a complete marina option. Popular spots of the Pacific area that are known for great fishing are Flamingo, Carrillo, Coco, Ocotal, Tamarindo, Golfito, Dominical, Punta Leona, Puntarenas, Zancudo, Quepos and Manuel Antonio, Drake Bay, Zancudo and Tambor. Another popular area for fishing in the Central Pacific region is the stretch between Drake Bay, Quepos and Cabo Blanco. Golfito is probably the major juncture for fishing in the South Pacific region with two developed marinas. The lodges that let you experience great fishing at the Caribbean are situated in Parismina, Barra del Colorado and Tortuguero.

8) Restaurants and Night Life

Like any top ranked tourist destination the availability for excellent dining and lively entertainment at nights is not in short supply in cities or towns all over the country.

9) Beaches Galore!

Imagine the diversity of spectacular spots that can be found in 1100 miles of sheer beauty with the Pacific Ocean on the south-western side and the Caribbean Sea on the north-eastern side. At the Costa Rican beaches you can engage yourself in various kinds of activities.

Among the numerous activities you can spend time in snorkeling, scuba diving, yachting, kayaking, surfing, water-skiing, deep-sea fishing, sports fishing, diving, swimming and many such water sports. Surfing is perhaps the most popular activity. The Playa Avellanas, Nicoya Peninsula’s Playa Santa Teresa, Santa Rosa National Park’s Playa Naranjo, Playa Negra, Playa Hermosa, Playa Grande, Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Dominical and Playa Pavones are considered as the best options among the Costa Rica beaches for surfing with regards to the breaks and swells.

10) Theme Parties & Awesome Shows

Having a memorable welcoming or farewell parties, converting a salon into a rainforest with outstanding shows like folkloric dancers, salsa lessons, etc. , will be one of the many activities you can do and your clients will be involved and identify with us.

How about a cocktail at sunset?, a blue light restaurant overlooking the sea?, a jazz background ? or the perfect time to dance to tropical music? You can find all of this and much more in our destination.