Dominican Republic Destination Guide

Why Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a miniature continent. Nowhere else in the Caribbean can visitors climb the highest mountain, bathe in the highest waterfall, enjoy the longest beaches, participate in action-packed activities, and even go back in history by touring the vast cultural heritage of the first city of the New World. The Dominican Republic offers a vast variety of activities, including golf, ecotourism, excursions, shopping, and nightlife. Visitors to this Caribbean paradise will also be seduced by the warmth and extremely cheerful spirit of the Dominican People, an ingrained quality that will make you want to come back repeatedly.

Destinations in Dominican Republic

10 Reasons to Visit Dominican Republic

1) Exceptionally Accesible

It’s the best connected Caribbean destination - with flight connections coming in from all parts of the world and arriving at any of the eight international airports located in key points around the country. Throw in the well-kept highways that connect all the regions easily to see more of the country and perhaps consider arriving through one airport and departing from another to combine areas for a complete experience.

2) Outstanding Infrastructure

From World-Class luxury hotel accommodations to private Residences, The Dominican Republic offers an immense inventory of over 80,000 rooms, available in all regions of the country, Beachfront, City, or Rural. All resort areas and cities employ multilingual staff ready to assist you, in Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, and Russian, among other languages.

3) Continuous innovation

The recent increase in guest numbers is reflected in the country's dedication to continuously upgrade all aspects of the guest experiences, from lodging to highways, entertainment, historical and cultural preservation, and meeting and convention spaces.

4) Entry regulations are simple

Most visitors only need to fill out an online 30-day tourist card, plus a passport with a minimum validity of the duration of their stay to enter the country.

5) Tropical Climate

The Dominican Republic’s has a constant, year-round sunny climate; average temperatures hover between 25°C and 31°C (78°F to 88°F) in the different regions of the Island.

6) Rich cultural offering

The Dominican Republic is the first European settlement in the new world. Spanish, Taino and African influences are can be found in the many traditions and customs of the Dominican Republic, from gastronomy to history, music, and arts and crafts, and other elements unique to the Dominican experience.

7) Unique Souvenirs

It’s hard to choose just one souvenir from the Dominican Republic, when faced with the exceptional cigar variety, a bottle of Mama Juana, local coffee, the Rum collections, local arts and crafts or gems such as Ambar. A souvenir that surely must be considered is Larimar jewelry, made with a stunning stone that's exclusive to the Dominican Republic. It was discovered in 1974 and is named after the explorer’s daughter (Larissa) and the sea (mar in Spanish) because of its baby blue hue. And it will remind you of the country's beautiful waters every time you put it on.

8) Diverse gastronomy

Varied International Cuisine is abundantly available in all Hotel areas, tourist hotspots and cities. Also, local cuisine can be found, why not sample one of the many delicious Dominican dishes. There’s Sancocho, a traditional meaty stew, and Mangu, smashed plantains that are typically served with fried eggs, salami and fried cheese. You also don’t want to miss out on delicious Tostones, toasted plantains that accompany any meal. Indulge your sweet tooth with Dulce De Leche, a sweetened milk that tastes like caramel and literally melts in your mouth.

9) Ample choice of activities

The incredible range of scenery and topography results in a wide choice of attractions: beach and water activities, play in one of the 30+ golf courses, go on adrenaline-packed hikes and zip-lines, tour coffee or cacao plantations, cool off in freshwater lagoons and caves, snorkel off reefs and shipwrecks, and relax under the stars at one of our world-class marinas or beachfront resorts.

10) The nicest people

Dominicans are famous for their warmth, hospitality and uplifting spirit. The friendly local people are always ready to help you out; their smiles and happiness are simply infectious and will make you regret having to leave again.