Dominican Republic Destination Guide

Why Dominican Republic

We have it all!

Sugary white sand beaches and crystalline blue waters; with more than 30 golf courses it is the golf destination in the Caribbean. Offering luxurious hotels, tropical weather all year around and the worlds finest cigars. Not to mention flight connections to all continents, unthinkable activities and excursions, warm and friendly people, and endless joyful nights.

Destinations in Dominican Republic

10 Reasons to Visit Dominican Republic

1) Beaches Galore!

Unspoiled Caribbean jewels that sparkle in the island sun. There are plenty of beaches since the Dominican Republic boasts almost 800 miles of coastlines, featuring almost 300 miles of some of the most stunning sands in the Caribbean.

Vacationers never waste time searching for a great surf.

2) Exceptional Golf Courses Heritage

Golf is one of the Dominican Republic's top attractions, bringing thousands of tourists flocking to this destination. Because of its more than 30 golf courses, the country is known as THE Golf destination in the Caribbean.

3) Outstanding Touristy Infrastructure

From luxury hotels to simple beachfront cabanas, all Dominican Destinations offer a wide variety of world class hotels to meet the budget of individual travelers as well as group & Incentives programs.

4) Exceptional Weather Heritage

The majority of the Dominican Republic enjoys beautiful tropical weather, with an average annual temperature of 25°C (77°F).

5) Cigars

The Dominican Republic is the worldÂ’s leading exporter of high quality cigars, acknowledged by the Association of Tobacco Growing Countries.

From October 2001 to October 2002, the country exported 256,300,000 cigars.

6) Accessibility and Strategic Location

There are eight international airports, one of which is the busiest airport in the Caribbean, with direct flights from North, Central, and South America, as well as Europe. The Dominican Republic is easily accessible not only through international airlines and charter operators but also through various cruise lines.

7) Outstanding Activities

The number of unforgettable activities available to travelers visiting the Dominican Republic is just about as diverse as the number of beaches in the country.

8) Charming and Friendly Population

Dominicans are famous for being warm and friendly with foreign people. You will find this to be true from the moment you arrive to The Dominican Republic.

9) Cultural Heritage

The Dominican Republic was the first European settlement in the American continent; its culture has Spanish roots. The Spanish immigration brought the Catholic faith, the language, and many traditions and customs.

10) Nightlife

There are world class restaurants and plenty to do at night in Dominican Republic.