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San Blas


The San Blas day tour begins with transportation from Panama City to Carti in one of our air conditioned, comfortable, 4×4 people carriers. The pick-up in Panama City is between 5:00am and 5:30am depending on your location. The journey to Carti on the San Blas mainland is around 3 hours through the jungle highlands, with some spectacular views of Panama's rain forest. On arrival in Carti you will be collected by your guide for the day and transported by Kuna launch to El Porvenir, about 45 mins away, where the tour will begin with a visit to the local community island or Mainland like Wichub Wala or Carti. In Wichub Wala you will be able to wander the dusty streets and have an insight into town life for the Kuna Yala people. The Kunas have some beautiful handicrafts, namely the "MOLA" which is a stitched cloth with images of local wildlife in fabulously rich colors, almost all the women are adept at this craft and as you wander the streets of Wichub Wala, you will see a variety of offerings from most households.

The tour of the islands will finish around 2pm, when you will be transported back to Carti on the mainland to meet with the 4×4 transport back to Panama City, you will arrive back in Panama City between 5 and 6pm. Be aware that all times given are approximate and the itinerary may vary slightly from the one given.

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