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Why Bogota, Colombia

Bogotá is Colombia's capital city, warm weather and  high altitude, 8530 ft  closer to the stars, this city is the main cultural, industrial, business and financial center, of Colombia an ideal  metropoli ready to attend  high quality meetings and events.

This is the base of major expo shows and very known festivals with long history like the Iberoamerican Theater Festival and the Book International Exposhow.

There are a  lot of places to visit in Bogota, for all ages and requirements like the Botanic Garden José Celestino Mutis, The Quinta of Bolívar, The national Observatory, Bogota's planetarium, Maloka, The Skyscraper Colpatria tower and the Caleras Hills where you can watch all the city from the top, The Flags monument and the  Candelaria, national heritage neighborhood. The city have amusement parks like Magic Salitre, Adventure World among other thematic places to have fun.

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10 Reasons to Visit Bogota

1) Fauna and Flora biodiversity

Parks , walking trails, cold lands and lakes make Bogotá, the ideal destination for ecotourism.  The natural tourism create  benefits for the locals, for  all the country and the wild life.  Empowering the economy with sustainable life styles, healthy communities and rich ecosystems.

2) Gastronómic Variety

Bogotá  offers  a big variety of National and international  flavors and the fusion of local ingredients with international cuisine to delight your taste, according to the prestigious magazine, Restaurant, in the last edition TOP50 they classified  Chato, Leo and Harry Sassoon located in Bogota as the best top3 Latin-American Restaurants

3) People

Persons who were born in Bogota are known as Bogotanos, cachacos o rolos, however here in Bogota many people from different cultures, cities and countries make a life and decide to stay so you are going to find a neutral accent of the Spanish language with people at your service and kind the Bogotanos are Eco planet friendly and enjoy ride bicycle around the city everyday.

4) Exclusive shopping and Night life

If you are shopping fan,  Bogotá offers many shopping malls where you can find the main store chains and restaurants with national and international food, some of this  malls are  Andino, Santafé, Hacienda Santa Bárbara, Salitre Plaza,  Gran Estación  and  Santa Ana.

5) Weather and landscapes

You  can enjoy tropical weather most of the year and different type of landscapes going up trough the Monserrate peak stairs  9,842 ft. above sea level , where you would see an incredible city panoramic you can visit the beautiful chapel on the top and the famous San Isidros house restaurant, close to Monserrate you will find  the national heritage neighborhood Candelaria  city tour or you can take the touristic train to visit Bogota savanah  where you can find the salt chapel in Zipaquira , and Guatavita lake where take place el dorado indigenous legend.      

In the other side of the city you can take one hour car travel to Salto del Tequendama with amazing waterfalls.

6) Art

We have in Bogota amazing Graffiti in the Candelaria according to this national heritage neighborhood, the artist take the time to create beautiful murals with positive messages. You can visit the golden museum,  Botero museum, Bogota museum, Emerald museum, Republic bank Art museum and National Museum  this museum open in 1824 is the first Museum in Colombia and Latin America if you like the symphonic concerts and the  opera  you can visit The major Theater  Julio Mario Santo Domingo, and the Colon Theater, other good option is the planetarium, the Bolivars  square  and the colorful hand crafts markets.  

7) Festivals

Very famous festivals take place in Bogota with long history and success, like  The Iberoamerican Theater Festival, the International Book Exposhow.  There is a summer Festival known as the biggest free time party celebrated in Bogota   every year since 1997 and take place every August in honor to Bogota's birthday.   The mayor office celebrate with different sport, recreational and physical activities with amazing shows. 

8) Architecture

Bogotá have classic and colonial places especially at downtown, where you can walk by cobbled streets and visit any bar or restaurant in the zone.  At the Bolivars square you will find pigeon flocks  surrounded by the mayor office, the senate, the Presidential office and the Prime Cathedral where was celebrated the first ceremony in  6 August 1538  in Bogota's birthday currently the city is 481 years old .

9) The Best South American Airport

El Dorado Airport is known as the best south American airport according to Skytrax (company focus in measure the quality of the airports and airlines around the world ) El Dorado is one of the 23 four stars airports in the world. Is considered as the first air terminal of Latin America in cargo mobility and the third in passengers mobility approximately 30 million annually. El Dorado have 46 non stop international destinations.  

10) Coffee

The Colombian coffee culture takes place in farms close to Bogotá  in the savannah  like  Coloma farm where they grow some of the best coffee beans of the world, inside the city you can take coffee taste sessions in downtown or in Usaquen, a classic town that later became a Bogota's neighborhood  with square park , church like a typical Colombian town inside the city with a big offer of international and local food restaurants surrounded by urban hand craft markets available every Sunday with souvenirs typical from our beautiful Colombian culture.