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Why Punta Cana, Mexico

The Punta Cana region is located along the east coast of the Dominican Republic, in the province of La Altagracia, and is blessed with one of the Caribbean region’s longest white sand coastlines, measuring a whopping 48 kilometers (30 miles) and covered with sky-reaching coconut palm trees. Different sections along the coastline are identified as Uvero Alto at the north-western tip, Macao, Arena Gorda, Cortecito, Bavaro, Cabeza de Toro and Cap Cana at the South-east tip.

All-inclusive resorts and boutique hideaways offer all the whims and comforts of modern beachfront living. But it’s not only about the sun, the soft sand and iridescent, clear water to swim in. Punta Cana is a top spot for world-class activities–including fishing, golfing on world-ranked courses designed by Pete Dye and Jack Nicklaus, or dive for underwater life and shipwrecks.

The Punta Cana region is one of the best-connected destinations for international flights, receiving 3.5 million passengers a year at Punta Cana International Airport (PUJ). Visitors can also easily tour other Dominican destinations on pre- or post-meeting tours thanks to the modern highways connecting Punta Cana with the rest of the country.

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10 Reasons to Visit Punta Cana

1) Beaches

Punta Cana is world-famous for its beautiful beaches and that's the first and main reason to visit this paradise. Punta Cana is characterized by endless white sandy beaches covered with sky reaching palm trees and touched by turquoise, clear, warm waters. It’s the golden spot in the Caribbean where the sun meets with the Atlantic Ocean..

2) Outstanding Hotels

A large collection of all-inclusive hotels, offering more than 35,000 rooms, ranging from budget 3* hotels up to luxury world renowned hotel brands. With this wide choice of accommodations there is something for every budget… Visit Punta Cana and share your best memories ever when you go back home.

3) Perfect Golf

For all golf players, beginners and pros, the place is packed with 25 professional golf courses designed by dozens of world-class golf legends. Their clever designs are a feast for the eyes, and you can choose between different courses, like directly on the Caribbean Sea or in the heart of the town. Any of these courses will allow you to experience golfing at its best.

Qualified instructors are available to help you with this interesting game, magnificent experience you won’t have in many other places.

4) Local Cuisine

Your trip to Punta Cana won't be complete without trying the local cuisine that has a mix of African, Arab, European and Chinese touches. Traditional meals include goat, pork, fish and chicken. Dominican Republic cuisine has a unique mix of spices and tends to include coconut and plantains. Don’t miss the opportunity to delight yourself with sancocho, a typical meat stew of the Dominican Republic, and try local wine and rum, they are easy to drink and have the best accents of grape.

5) The Catchy and Infectious Dominican Music

Merengue, Bachata, Perico Ripiao are an omnipresent part of all Dominican social activities. You can enjoy these catchy rhythms at every colmado, bar, club and at every Dominican parade or festival. Don't know how to dance? No worries, our friendly people are more than happy to teach our visitors how to dance to these most contagious beats! You can even dance outdoors during merengue festivals, including the annual festival. These live shows are performed by professional orchestras. The Dominican Republic has it all: Natural beauty, luxury, and a rich variety of culture and gastronomy.

6) Activities

Punta Cana has a vast array of fun Inland and seaside adventures activities. Be adventurous and leave the comfort of your resort to go fishing, or sail along the coastline, or try surfing at Playa Macao. Inland, the fresh water lagoons of Ojos Indígenas Reserve are ideal for a short nature hike and swim, while Scape Park offers a one-stop adrenaline filled adventure day, from ziplining to caving expeditions, and sinkhole swims. Safari excursions are also perfect to take on a cultural exploration of the Dominican countryside. Last but not least, the area’s various marinas, lounges, and nightclubs ensure evenings of wining, dining, and dancing. 

7) Calm and Peace

What a relief it is to be in a calm and quiet place like Punta Cana, where time is endless. No rushing or hustling. Nothing beats the calming sensation of sitting under palm trees enjoying the seabreeze and the sounds of nature and the ocean. Punta Cana also has the most intimate and charming atmosphere, a perfect place to hold your dream wedding, or spend the most romantic getaway. 

8) Easy Access

Punta Cana International Airport (PUJ) is the busiest airport of the Dominican Republic receiving over 60% of the country’s visitors. Direct flights arrive daily from over 26 countries, 64 cities, and 90 airports around the world, and the driving distance to the hotels is anywhere from 3 minutes up to 50 minutes depending on which part of the beach the hotel is located. 

Punta Cana Airport is strategically located to ensure that the guest experience at the hotels is not disturbed by air traffic or noise, therefore guests are able to enjoy the calm, natural beauty of the property while benefiting from the airport’s proximity.

9) Rich Culture and History

Located in nearby Higüey, the BASÍLICA CATEDRAL NUESTRA SEÑORA DE LA ALTAGRACIA ranks among the top most important religious sites in the Dominican Republic. Honoring the Virgin of La Altagracia, patron saint of Dominicans, it’s a standout for its 69-meter (225 feet) high arch, with a bronze and gold entrance

How often do you get to step into the home of a 16th century Spanish explorer? Juan Ponce de León’s residence continues to stand in the southeastern town of San Rafael de Yuma, close to Higüey, where he lived before heading out into the seas to conquer neighboring Puerto Rico.

10) The nicest people

Dominicans are famous for their warmth, hospitality and uplifting spirit. The friendly local people are always ready to help you out; their smiles and happiness are simply infectious and will make you regret having to leave again.